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Everything Communicates

1 February 2013

There are several reasons why quality content matters both online and offline. However, there is one factor which I think is vital and worth highlighting – Understanding just “who” is following your brand in the online space.Are you aware of the…

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When CRM really matters

23 January 2013

So now we are in January, is it a light relief to be receiving less marketing emails form retailers & suppliers or are you missing them!? Which retailers really hit the mark for you in their Christmas/holidays promotions and targeted…

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Is measuring ROI from social media that valuable?

17 January 2013

Over 1 billion expressions are created on social media every day.  Knowing this, brands are aggressively placing social media at the fore front of business strategies as it holds great potential for marketers to tap into a new found form…

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The truth is…Loyalty is about engagement not points

16 November 2012

The title of this piece is a “catch-phrase” beckoning throughout the global loyalty industry and is seen as one of the top loyalty trends of 2012. I say “globally”, because coming from the South African loyalty market place, I can…

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Best Buy share their lessons learnt on loyalty

8 October 2012

Last week I attended the “What’s hot in Rewards” webinar hosted by Loyalty 360 & Best Buy¹.    Best Buy shared their thoughts on how to leverage loyalty points for the merchandise that’s in high demand by their customers.   One…

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6 Trends to consider in the loyalty environment

8 August 2012

  1. Loyalty is no longer just about points Points alone do not create loyalty. Loyalty goes beyond discounts, air miles, coupons, exclusive tickets & rewards. It is all about the way we engage with our customers.      2. Understand…

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So whose side are you on?

1 August 2012

Marketers are now faced with the decision of which direct marketing medium to use in a world that is predominantly digital. Some suggest Traditional Direct Marketing is dead and Digital is the only option going forward. On the other end…

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Predict your way to higher Marketing ROI’s

13 February 2011

Ever wondered why so many of us Direct Marketing folks and CRM lovers are so confident in committing marketing spend to campaigns? It’s due to the fact that so many of the campaign responses are actually highly predictable. I call…

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