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75% of South Africans are using loyalty programmes

30 October 2018

Pharmacy and beauty retail is leading the charge when it comes to loyalty programmes in South Africa. Clicks Clubcard has remained at the top as the most used loyalty programme at 72%, 12% points ahead of no.2, Pick n Pay…

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Critical success factors to consider for your loyalty programme

27 September 2018

What are the critical success factors to consider when evaluating your loyalty programme or creating your new programme? As part of the process to better understand what success means in loyalty, we have 10 critical success factors to bear in…

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Increased redemption drives increased engagement!

28 August 2018

It’s an age-old theory that if you create a loyalty programme on high breakage that the numbers in the business case will add up nicely. Well according to the Truth Loyalty Whitepaper 2017, you can see that this stage in loyalty…

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Loyalty usage still on the rise

11 July 2018

If you were wondering where South African consumers stand with loyalty programmes, rest assured that the number of people signing up for loyalty programmes has continued to increase since 2015. The weak rand together with the political instability of the…

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Truth Loyalty Whitepaper 2017 Infographic

16 October 2017

Infographic depicting latest South African loyalty landscape data shared in Truth’s Loyalty Whitepaper 2017:

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Disruption in the traditional loyalty industry

13 June 2017

The loyalty landscape is constantly changing. Recently, we have seen two great examples of huge changes in the loyalty industry happening at both a global and local level. The first example comes from the airline industry. The airline industry is…

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Truth’s whitepaper: The true value of unspent loyalty points

4 April 2017

The financial services industry, specifically the big four banks, have offered loyalty programmes for a number of years and in doing so have acquired important customer transactional data. Loyalty strategies, in the banking industry, were initially designed for rewards to be linked…

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Simon Susman (former Woolworths CEO) discusses the power of data

28 March 2017

In an interview with Bruce Whitfield on Cape Talk Simon Susman, the former Woolworths CEO, discusses in this podcast how Woolworths has began to see the value in customer data. “Woolworths has, over the past couple of years truly moved to be a…

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