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Data & Research


Truth is experienced in creating and executing world-class customer-led strategies for our clients. We have the know-how to enable you to optimise your greatest asset, your customer base.

This strategic approach leads to actionable plans, including customer engagement plans, driven from data-led insight and CRM principles to maximize your return on investment.

Our consulting work is more powerful with an analytical approach to your brand’s customer data, combined with in-depth research & analysis of the industry trends across loyalty & CRM. We believe deeply in commercial modelling to ensure that our recommendations and ideas are more robust than just ideas.


At Truth, we advise clients to place the majority of their focus on the covert elements of their programme. Covert elements refer to the behind-the-scenes, data-fuelled marketing efforts. Covert elements of loyalty programme marketing are contrasted to overt elements such as the 5% back everyone gets in points or the R50 birthday voucher we all receive.

We, at Truth, refer to this concept as the Iceberg effect. The difference between overt and covert is best understood in this iceberg. All the overt elements are above the waterline for all to see; however, your real value lies below the waterline where customer specific data should be used to change customer behaviours and drive increased long term loyalty.


We can guide your internal analytics team to extract actionable customer insights through data mining and analysis to form the basis of your holistic customer plan or we can deliver the data analytics approach from within Truth or our trusted partners.

If you are looking for an external data analytics partner, we can also conduct a robust and effective RFI/RFP process to ensure your chosen data partner matches your strategic requirements in a cost-effective solution.


Truth’s strength also lies in providing our clients with robust research particularly through market mapping of the South African loyalty & rewards market and best practice.  We pride ourselves in providing clients with the latest local and global trends in CRM and loyalty gathered through partner relationships, speaking events and networking internationally.

We are able to deep dive into specific industry sectors and provide in-depth landscape gap analysis and benchmarking.


Truth has partnered with BrandMapp to provide a bespoke view of your customers. Through the loyalty measures in BrandMapp we offer insight into not only who your customers are and what their loyalty preferences are but importantly how they compare to the high-level pictures provided in our annual whitepaper.

Your bespoke loyalty profile would include 225 measures in BrandMapp covering demographics, income, employment and ownership, psychographics, loyalty behaviours, brand usage across all major sectors, online behavior and purchasing, as well as, all media channels. Your bespoke loyalty profile can be segmented as you choose including views of your competitors’ customers and how they differ from yours.

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