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Truth curates loyalty solutions for its clients to enable a one-stop shop for all their loyalty needs. Your loyalty and rewards requirements may be full technical solutions or off-the-shelf white label offerings; you may be looking for a B2C, B2B or employee incentive and rewards platform and benefits provider. Truth guides, curates and delivers these requirements for you.

Truth provides you with an experienced assessment of which platform solution your loyalty or CRM strategy requires. This leads us to supporting your technical needs, either through running RFI/RFP processes for trusted external vendors.


A key aspect of our consultancy involves the selection of a technical loyalty provider who will be able to fulfil the requirements for your programme. To find an appropriate loyalty provider to match the requirements of your programme design and business objectives, Truth can run an RFI on your behalf.

We have the capability to assess vendors according to a predefined assessment matrix against the required verticals.


We offer a tailor-made vouchering system to motivate and engage customers and/or employees as an incentive offering.

Loyalty Boutique platform offers a digital scratch card solution and can be used to instantly reward your customers and/or employees. The digital scratch card can be tailored and used as an appreciation tool and businesses can surprise and delight their most valued and loyal customer, employee and/or business partnerships.

The mobile vouchers can be redeemed at a myriad of retailers and hospitality outlets (e.g. free coffee / meals / clothing / grocery / airtime / leisure experiences).


Our benefits platform offers an exclusive array of curated rewards and discounts for your clients, employees or B2B partners/suppliers.

Our benefits platform manages the entire experience of multi-partner management through to the delivery of benefits directly to your customers.  The rewards offered are selected across a broad spectrum of products and services, depending on what will most reward or incentivise your most valued assets: either employees or customers.

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