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Education & Training

Truth offers an array of education and training opportunities through Truth’s Customer Academy. Truth’s Customer Academy is our knowledge-sharing centre where we share our expertise and learnings in the fields of loyalty & CRM.

Through interactive workshops, internship & mentorship programmes, online courses, professional speaking events, client focused workshops & business networking sessions, we bring you the best in all things loyalty & CRM. We incorporate compelling global and South African case studies to bring to life strategies and theories to help the industry simplify the relatively complex world of loyalty and CRM.

We offer the following educational offerings:

  1. Online short course in loyalty
  2. Two day masterclass
  3. Tailoured in-house training


Truth’s 6-week online course in loyalty provides you with an in-depth understanding of the global loyalty industry & best practice in order for you to build a compelling loyalty programme for your business.

In just 6 weeks you will:

  • Gain an understanding of global loyalty trends and best practice across different industries
  • Recognise the various types of loyalty programmes and critical success factors
  • Learn how to develop a compelling loyalty proposition suited for your customers
  • Ability to input into your own business plan for your loyalty programme to ensure it is commercially viable
  • Interpreting data and how to best to use it
  • Learn how to create your own loyalty engagement plan alongside your existing marketing plan

2019 course:

The online course is on demand and can be started at any time throughout the year.

Course cost:

R7999 (ex VAT) per student.

Corporate businesses can click here to view custom discounted offers.

Register & find out more:

If Truth asked me the NPS question, regarding recommending this course to colleagues, I would choose an 11. For anyone wanting to learn about or refine their current skillset in loyalty, rewards and loyalty programmes, I would certainly urge you to sign up. Four colleagues and I signed up and it was challenging, yet so satisfying. We have been delighted as clients. I’ve learnt that if you want to become an expert, learn from the best.

Natasha Doren, Client Experience Lead, Momentum Multiply


Truth’s 2 day Masterclass in loyalty is aimed at providing individuals & businesses with an in-depth understanding of the loyalty industry including loyalty best practice, trends & how to build a compelling loyalty programme for your business.

Our mission is to provide attendees with all they need to know about loyalty programme development. We will discuss the evolution of loyalty and the fundamentals of developing your loyalty strategy.

Furthermore, we will provide you with the key considerations when designing a loyalty programme and share a 7-step process to design and implement a good loyalty programme for your business.

For more information, download the brochure here.


If you require in-house training with a bespoke industry focus, we will bring our expertise to your office for a tailored, team-training loyalty experience.

These training sessions can include:

  • General loyalty and CRM best practices
  • Brainstorming your current objectives as well as future goals
  • Assist in guiding and formulating your customer-led strategy

Should you wish to find out more about Truth’s in-house training programme, please click below to contact us: info@truth.co.za