Customer Centricity – the ultimate prize of loyalty

Many of our clients ask us why they should be creating a loyalty programme and the answer is simple: to gather customer data. A loyalty programme allows a business to capture customer data and combine it with internal business (e.g. product) data to really start understanding customers’ behaviour patterns and preferences. The key lies in the way that a business then analyses the data to drive key business decisions. 

Customer data therefore forms the basis of your customer centric business strategies, which is why a loyalty programme cannot be run in isolation to overarching business strategies. 

Loyalty programmes enable brands to gather immense customer insights about what, when, how and how often they buy, bank, travel and what their preferences are. Combining the loyalty programme data with innovative engagement strategies will enable a business to truly differentiate themselves from their competition.

Watch the below YouTube video of Truth CEO Amanda Cromhout talking about customer centricity