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Customer Centricity

In a customer centric world, the most valuable asset to your business are your customers. Measuring the value of this asset depends on how much you know and understand about their potential.

We understand that your customers are your most measurable and valuable asset and we have the know-how to enable you to optimise your performance so you can drive maximum return from your customer base.


Loyalty goes beyond creating a reward based points programme. Loyalty is not a marketing campaign, but a strategy, which needs to be fully embedded into your organisation.

Customer centricity and loyalty go hand-in-hand – and that is one of our core — and that is one of our core strategic differences. Truth will provide your company with the combined expertise and excellence in both offerings.

Customer Insights

Quality data analysis results in a better understanding of your customers and a better structure of your customer data, so that your business can extract actionable insights and benefit from more effective engagement with customers.

We can guide your internal analytics team to extract those actionable customer insights through data mining and analysis to form the basis of your holistic customer plan.

Customer-led Engagement

It’s all about engagement. Once you have gained permission to communicate with your customers, use it to your advantage by engaging with them at every stage of the customer lifecycle to create long term “stickiness”.

Once we have developed a sound customer-centric strategy designed to meet your objectives, we will assist you in formulating and writing the customer-led engagement plan.

customer centric


Loyalty Lite

Loyalty Lite is an off-the-shelf, affordable loyalty solution for small to medium sized businesses. Loyalty Lite will help you meet the demands of your customers by rewarding them for their loyalty to your brand by being more relevant, thus keeping them coming back to your business.

Loyalty Lite allows you to track your customers spend behaviour and reward them accordingly. The platform also assists you to gather important customer data to better understand your customers buying behaviour and preference, which in turn enables you to send them more relevant and tailored communication.

Loyalty Lite can be stand-alone or fully integrated into your POS for the most optimal customer experience.

Loyalty Boutique

Loyalty Boutique is an exclusive benefits platform offering a bespoke loyalty solution for corporate brands in South Africa looking for a tailored service to retain, reward and incentivise loyal customers, employees and suppliers.

Loyalty Boutique is ideal for corporates or brands with or without a loyalty programme, who want to offer their members exclusive rewards & discounts at any number of leisure and travel locations, retailers and services.

Our carefully crafted selection of benefits, will allow you to deliver a superior customer experience by meeting your customers unique lifestyle needs.

Reward Reach

Reward Reach is a social media rewards platform, which rewards your
loyal customers’ social media engagement with your brand and
simultaneously using the power of social media data to increase sales.

Reward Reach has the ability to:

Change purchase behaviour through relevant and targeted messages
and promotions.
Enable increased brand reach and ultimately reduce traditional
marketing spend.
Enhance your loyalty programme proposition, resulting in deeper,
enriched member engagement.

Reward Reach enables you to recognise the value of your customers
acting as your brand ambassadors and reward them accordingly.

Truth Customer Academy

Truth’s Customer Academy is where we share our expertise and learnings in the fields of loyalty & CRM through various channels, such as the Truth Whitepaper series, internship & mentorship programmes, online courses, professional speaking events, client focused workshops & business networking sessions.

We incorporate compelling global and South African case studies to bring to life strategies and theories to help the industry simplify the relatively complex world of loyalty and CRM.

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