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Customer Centricity

True customer centricity helps your business drive maximum return from your most measurable and valuable asset: ‘your customers’. Truth enables you to really understand and optimise that customer asset, by helping clients to understand their customers’ needs and potential value to their business.


Together with customer centricity, loyalty is one of Truth’s core strategic offerings. Loyalty goes beyond creating a loyalty programme where you earn points & get rewarded. Loyalty is not just a marketing campaign, but a strategy, which needs to be fully embedded in your organisation. Real loyalty is driven from customer engagement, not simply rewards

Customer Insights

Due to the significance of customer insights derived from mining customer data, Truth has a strategic partnership with one of South Africa’s leading data analytics companies.

Customer-led Engagement

Once an appropriate customer-centric strategy is established, Truth assists in writing the customer-led engagement plan. In classic marketing terms, this will follow principles such as lifecycle management, and will drive maximum uplift from your campaigns due to approaching your customer base in a targeted and personalised manner.

Strategic Change Management

At Truth, we believe that in order for a company to successfully adopt a new strategy, a change management plan and mindset is required.By understanding your current business structure, people & processes and using our vast blue-chip experience, Truth can help you deliver your customer-centric strategy at all levels in your business.

Social CRM &

The evolution of loyalty has seen a shift from your traditional loyalty models, such as collecting stickers, receiving discounts or the over penetrated “card swipe” programme. Just like all other areas of marketing, social media is changing customer loyalty programmes
by identifying opportunities and challenges through monitoring what customers are saying about your brand.

Global Best Practice Research

Truth has formed relationships with key industry leaders in loyalty & customer centricity from around the globe through our participation and speaking at local and international conferences, giving us access to a wide repository of the latest case studies and articles in the industry.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

There is a proven direct correlation between the most successful companies and their calibre of leadership.

Truth has a proven track record of empowering and growing marketing and business leaders through executive coaching. We believe passionately in the leadership development of our client’s top talent. Taking on a coaching journey provides results and insights which will last long after the programme has been completed.

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