What differences are there in loyalty programme usage between men and women?

12 May 2016

It may not be surprising to see that women are members of more loyalty programmes than men, and that the type of loyalty programmes they belong to are skewed towards grocery and clothing, versus men who seem to gravitate towards…

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e-Commerce for beginners starts here…

24 November 2015

“By understanding the data [delivered to you through your website], you can tailor make propositions – from a marketing point of view, and from a sales point of view – that are relevant.” Amanda Cromhout, CEO at Truth & Emerce…

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Loyalty is King for the smarter shopper

7 April 2015

“Don’t have a loyalty card for every single retailer because you’re never actually going to build up points to redeem it.” Amanda Cromhout With so many loyalty programmes out there, consumers need to be more savvy in their attempt in…

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Truth talks loyalty on The Money Show, 567 Cape Talk & Talk Radio 702

2 March 2015

Truth’s CEO, Amanda Cromhout, shares her view on loyalty programmes with Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show, 567 CapeTalk & Talk Radio 702. Bruce Whitfield, known to challenge the status quo on business topics and who openly admits he is…

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Truth teams up with CNBC Africa to talk loyalty in South Africa

20 August 2014

Truth is very excited to have been invited to interview for CNBC Africa focused on loyalty programmes. Interviewed by Lindsey Williams, anchor of the Business Tonight show, they delved into the explosion of loyalty in South Africa and where it’s…

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