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Executive Coaching


There is a proven direct correlation between the most successful companies and their calibre of leadership. Truth has a proven track record of empowering and growing marketing and business leaders through executive coaching. We believe passionately in the leadership development of our client’s top talent. Taking on a coaching journey provides results and insights which will last long after the programme has been completed.

Amanda, a fully trained and certified executive coach, also through Results Coaching, has years of experience as a senior executive herself, combined with the rigorous training and structure from Results Coaching. She has an absolute passion for people leadership and is continuously recognized as such. She received the British Airways’ CEO’s “Award for Excellence” in Leadership during her time as British Airways Executive.

Truth is also an accredited distributor of Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (DISC tool) which we use effectively within Truth’s coaching programmes.

Truth’s coaching clients range from board directors, marketing executives through to Craig Hinds, lead singer of Watershed. The framework of both executive and management coaching are identical, as both are embedded in neuroscience and leadership methodology. At Truth, we believe that top talent should be guided by a coach with similar executive or management experience.

Client Quotes

New Media Publishing has worked with Truth in numerous capacities including Executive Coaching, group training and the development of customer focused communication plans for our clients. Truth has helped us restructure New Media to the leading Content marketing agency it is today. Making a positive impact on our bottom line and our company ethos.

Bridget McCarney, Managing Director, New Media

The results are not in the first couple of weeks, but then suddenly you wake up one morning and realize that you are doing things differently and thinking slightly differently.

Craig Hinds, Lead singer of Watershed

Amanda was my coach in 2010 and working with her has changed my outlook on work, work-life balance and work relationships in a profound way. I have used the learnings from her coaching to guide my daily interactions and I would recommend coaching with Truth to anyone who wants to grow in their job and personal life.

Helena Gavera, Managing Director, Cedar SA