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The Truth behind Loyalty
podcast series
Hosted by Amanda Cromhout

The Truth behind Loyalty is a knowledge-sharing series of podcasts, where Amanda Cromhout, founder and CEO of Truth shares her 25+ years of experience and learnings in the field of loyalty & CRM. This series is aimed at all professionals working in loyalty and marketing.



Episode 7: Loyalty during COVID-19 and beyond – Johan Moolman, CEO of eBucks

Loyalty during COVID-19 and beyond: Johan Moolman, CEO of eBucks describes how eBucks has seen its members use their eBucks on more of life’s basic necessities like food, airtime and electricity. eBucks has also set up the capability for its…

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Episode 6: Do loyalty programmes actually influence customer behaviour?

Strategically, brands cannot jump into the world of loyalty lightly. It is a long term commitment to their consumers and not a short term marketing campaign. The number 1 question we are asked by brands wishing to either create a…

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Episode 5: Personal data usage and loyalty programmes

Global and local consumers take data usage legislation very seriously. South African consumers are becoming more and more savvy about how they wish their data to be used, if at all. We asked the question: “how do you feel about…

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