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Personalisation vs. Customisation

21 February 2017

Let’s get personal: Customisation vs. Personalisation “Customers will start to get used to whether you know them or not and filter through their inbox to pick and trust only the brands which they know…..know them very well.” The definition of what personalisation really means…

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Truth’s Whitepaper: Consumer Loyalty Behaviour in South Africa

8 November 2016

Truth is proud to announce the launch of our second whitepaper: Consumer Loyalty Behaviour in South Africa. Loyalty programme usage continues to grow year-on-year with the largest growth seen in respondents under the age of 25 which show a growth of 13%. This…

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The face of loyalty is changing

8 September 2016

The face of loyalty is changing. Companies are beginning to veer away from points and even cashback as the key indicators of a loyalty programme’s value. The observed shift is towards personalisation, not as a by-product of loyalty programme data,…

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Defining a successful loyalty programme

4 August 2016

Defining a successful loyalty programme depends on your specific business objectives. Our job is to help brands define a successful loyalty programme for their business requirements. Different loyalty programmes drive different outcomes and this means you need to quantify what…

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How to keep your programme top-of-mind

7 July 2016

So you’ve got a loyalty programme or you’re planning to launch an awesome programme? Join the club. Loyalty programmes these days are a dime a dozen and that’s why the metric for success is no longer just about the total number of…

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Emerce Commerce acquires majority stake in Truth

30 June 2016

Omni-channel and online retail specialists, Emerce Commerce, has acquired a 51% stake in Truth. By placing the customer at the heart of ecommerce, Emerce Commerce can now offer a seamless solution to clients looking to increase online lead generation and…

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How to re-engage your lapsed customers

27 June 2016

One of the first things you learn in marketing is that it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. While exact figures may differ, research shows the cost may be anything from…

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Loyalty programmes now accessible to SMEs

5 April 2016

A few years back it was tempting to write off effective loyalty programmes for small businesses with small budgets. We have seen the demand for loyalty programme adoption by SMEs grow exponentially year on year. According to Truth’s Loyalty Whitepaper…

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