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Key considerations to drive the most effective results from your loyalty programme.

3 June 2019

Offering customers a loyalty programme, because everyone else has one, will not fix any misalignment in your  marketing mix.     A loyalty programme will also not succeed by providing the results you seek if you treat it as a short term sales campaign. Instead, it requires a long…

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Gender and loyalty programme usage – it’s a woman’s world

27 May 2019

It may not be surprising to see that women are members of more loyalty programmes than men, and that the type of loyalty programmes they belong to are skewed towards grocery and clothing, versus men who seem to gravitate towards the ‘financial’ loyalty offerings.   Are we…

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The benefits of rewarding non-transactional activities (for your business & your customers) 

21 May 2019

Over the past few years we have explored the rising trend of rewarding loyalty members for non-transactional behaviours and according to this year’s data, consumer interest and attitudes are improving.   The popularity of incentivising and rewarding desired behaviours beyond transactions is understandable. From a brand…

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How do you create a loyalty programme for top-end customers who are not influenced by discounts and saving money?

14 May 2019

We believe, for long-term loyalty you need to connect with your customers through unexpected moments of delight, on an emotional level. People crave the unexpected and are attracted to moments that money can’t buy. Because loyalty gives you permission to engage with customers,…

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Opportunities in creating Customer relationship management online: An interview with Truth

6 May 2019

Truth is proud to partner with UCT GetSmarter to provide insights to their marketing students on loyalty & CRM best practices. Truth shares her experiences and views about CRM and loyalty in South Africa.  The topics discussed in this interview include: challenges…

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Customer Centricity – the ultimate prize of loyalty

2 May 2019

Many of our clients ask us why they should be creating a loyalty programme and the answer is simple: to gather customer data. A loyalty programme allows a business to capture customer data and combine it with internal business (e.g. product) data to really start understanding…

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Brands take big leaps to revamp their loyalty programme offering.

25 April 2019

Customers demand choice & brands are giving it to them. In the last 18 months we’ve witnessed brands changing their programme propositions to meet the demands from consumers to allow more flexibility when it comes to rewards earning and redemption. Whilst…

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It’s all about simplicity and ease of use.

15 April 2019

Simplicity is the new theme echoed in the world of loyalty. Creating complicated hurdles to earn and burn and making it difficult for consumers to participate in your programme is a thing of the past. We have seen companies over the past 12 –…

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