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Truth’s Whitepaper: Consumer Loyalty Behaviour in South Africa

Truth is proud to announce the launch of our second whitepaper: Consumer Loyalty Behaviour in South Africa.

Loyalty programme usage continues to grow year-on-year with the largest growth seen in respondents under the age of 25 which show a growth of 13%. This indicates that loyalty programme usage in the younger segment is increasing at double the average growth across all ages – with 60% of all consumers under the age of 25 using loyalty programmes in 2016.

After the success of the first white paper, Truth has once again partnered with WhyFive, one of South Africa’s leading data-driven consumer insights companies, to release a second Loyalty Whitepaper. Results from WhyFive’s BrandMapp 2016 survey, together with Truth’s loyalty experience, were used to drive insights about the current state of loyalty in the South African market place.

For this second edition of the Truth Whitepaper we compare the results of last year’s BrandMapp survey explored in our first whitepaper with the results of the BrandMapp 2016 survey released in March this year, to get a snapshot of how the industry is changing. We have also combined the research findings with global loyalty trends and feature first-hand insights from industry leaders in South Africa.

This holistic overview of the loyalty industry created by combining data, with thought-leader insights and Truth’s industry experience is invaluable for brands operating a loyalty programme or looking to embark on creating a loyalty programme.

We hope that you find the Truth Loyalty Whitepaper insightful and that it provides valuable context into the South African loyalty market place. Enjoy the read!

To download the full report, please click here.