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6 Trends to consider in the loyalty environment

  1. Loyalty is no longer just about points
Points alone do not create loyalty. Loyalty goes beyond discounts, air miles, coupons, exclusive tickets & rewards. It is all about the way we engage with our customers.
     2. Understand your customer data
It’s the age of the customer and acknowledging  their needs! A shift from “we know best” to “we hear you”. One needs to meet the expectation of the customer by listening to them. They need to consider you as a brand that is valuable and a brand they will remain loyal to because of the value & worth you make them feel for engaging with your brand.
     3. Feedback across all departments
Feedback from customers needs to be translated across all departments and understood by all. The value of the customers’ feedback needs to reside throughout your company. The customer is the judge of everything you do so unify the feedback and do something about it!
     4. Mobile
Mobile refines the way our customers access & receive information. Customers are constantly on the go and on the hunt for new, innovative ways to access this information and make their day-day activities as painless as possible. Payments via a mobile device are growing and mobile numbers are becoming increasingly more important than an email or physical address.
     5. Gamification
Loyalty goes beyond a “like” or “follow” or earning a virtual badge for visiting your favourite stores several times a week. Gamification is merging fast into loyalty thinking because of its  way of using game thinking and game mechanics to drive engagement.
“Make the journey (accumulating) as fun as the destination (redemption)”  
                                                                            ~ Shawn Bloom, GM, Scene LP
6. Right time, right offer, right location
Meet your customer where they are! Not where you want them to be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ros Siddle, Marketing & Loyalty Research Manager, Truth
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